I have 5 things I want to mention in regards to the Google Sheets.
  1. The option to restrict the Sheet to my Google Account seems to have disappeared for Bulk Edit and I haven't seen it for a few months. For the time being I have to add myself to the Sheet as an editor, and then set the "Anyone with the link" option to "Viewer" which means it does not work from app.short.io. I understand it was probably removed due to it causing a similar issue, but I'd appreciate it if it could be fixed and then-added (assuming it was removed and it's not a glitch in my account). However, this option does show for Bulk Create, but it does nothing when I click "Restrict".
  2. The "Sign In" button at the top right of the Sheet doesn't work — it just opens the Sheet in a new tab, and then I am signed in inside of that new tab. If this would work directly inside the embedded sheet on app.short.io, it would partially fix the issue I mentioned above.
  3. Removing the Short.io Service Accounts via Sharing settings inside the Sheet is way too easy and it causes issues to the point where developers have to regenerate the Sheet. I personally think this should not even be possible at all from the frontend and the Service Accounts should be hidden from us if possible.
  4. An option to have a read-only Sheet that you can share with the public so they can see what links you've created would be a great option. Currently I have to do what I mentioned in Point 1 of this post (add myself to the Sheet as an editor, and then revoke permissions for everyone else) and then share that, which isn't the most ideal option as it only updates whenever I open the Bulk Edit option in my Dashboard.
  5. The sheet isn't big enough in terms of height on larger screens. I can only see 20 rows, and there is definitely room for more. It would be good if it was responsive to viewer width. (Please see the screenshot below).
I know there are quite a few things here, but I hope you can try to fix/implement some of these bugs/features! 😀